Wednesday, 21 September 2011

SXOC Crail Drift Day 27th August 2011

Well, seeing and Dunkz and I were both there we may as well cover the drift day at Crail twice (On GarageLSD). Before the actual day, the weather was touch and go whether it would stay dry or not. I decided to head along regardless to take pictures and to meet up with fellow Garage LSD members.

SXOC Drift Day Queue

The start of the day, it was drizzled for a little bit but then throughout the day the weather cleared up. As always most of the cars look in good condition and as the day went on there were many casualties as you would expect.

Stuart Reid's s14a

Scotty Peart's Puzzled14

Jordan Leckie

As the drivers made it out the to the track, they were eager to get started. The Hats even signalling to the marshals to get a move on!

Impatient Drift Queue

Speaking of which The Hats was on fire during the day, destroying about 40 tyres between him and Marcus.

The Hats


Cam was also on form, managing to link up the toilet corner to the last corner before the last straight.

Cameron DeBoth PS13

Of course being a Scottish drift day, Jeek would never have turned down a chance for more seat time. He is currently competing in the British Drift Championship.

Jeek BMW 540i

Martin did really well considering it was his first drift day. He was drifting his S15 which is currently going through a dramatic change.

Martin Nissan S15 Drift

Sambo was out in his S13.4a but after 2 laps the car wasn't too healthy and it ended Smabo's day.

Sambo's PS13.4a

As the day went on, there were more and more casualties. Scotty developed a water leak between the inlet manifold and the head.

Scotty Puzzleds14 Broken

Ren broke a suspension arm.

Ren BMW 540i

Fud-eye used his rear end and tried to shove some rubber in there.

Because Fud-Eye

The last drift day I went to was a year ago and the level of drifting has been improved from what I can tell. Amazing to see drivers progress faster and further than you imagine.

Here are the rest of the pics:


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